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Ads servers & marketing scripts killer, mlm, ponzy schemes, ransomwares, scams, love & astral psychic reading scams, dating & marriage websites scams, nigerian love scams, casinos & money laundering, darknet fake & illegal drugs, hacks, pornography blocker

100% efficiency web protection against dangerous & unwanted content.
Real-time filtering: stop-it checks scripts, url's, i.p, words and pictures as they are called up and stops contents from being shown.
If a website is not visible or blocked it means !!!(DANGER)!!!

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stop-it is a project created by Leonardo Sedevcic started in 1998.

stop-it is an "add-on" or "extension" who BLOCK access to illegal, dangerous & unwanted contents of all kind.
Stop-it fight Childpornography & Pedophiles networks by investigating & reporting massive criminal networks.

Stop-it send periodically criminal contents to:

DOJ - NCA - EUROPOL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The 2020/06/21 at 13h 13, i finally found EVERY childporn & pedophiles networks, url's, I.P, forums, blogs, torrents, newsgroups, usenet on every search engine, it took me 22yr of my life working in the shadows reporting everything.

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Stop-it is also compatible with Android devices & tablets with the Firefox Browser !

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If you see inappropriate contents or if you receive spams you can report those contents by email.
Stop-it investigate and take care of every finding & information provided by users.
Of course you stay completely anonymous.

Thanks for helping stop-it to become a better tool.
The best pornography blocker & parental control app.