100% efficiency web protection against dangerous & unwanted content.
STOP-IT checks scripts, url's, i.p, words and pictures as they are called up
and stops contents from being shown.



Addiction to pornography can be an undesirable experience who puts in danger your life and your entourage.
In case you're experiencing difficulty with pornography ( addiction ), try the free extension STOP-IT, it help people to fight porn addiction.
A search for "pornography" on Google gives a large number of horrible results, it can destroy your kids life forever & your entourage.

STOP-IT prevents accessing those pornographic contents worldwide, by blocking url's, I.P, newsgroups, torrents, live chats & cams.
A device with an Internet connection can open your kids to everything both great and terrible that are on internet,
except if you have a parental control software introduced to consequently sift through awful or flawed sites, for example,
erotic entertainment, brutality, alcohol, smoking, betting and so on.

STOP-IT utilizes different strategies to distinguish awful sites which is through catchphrases, blocklists, images, videos, url, I.P.
Concerning STOP-IT, it requires consistent support which is the reason why STOP-IT is updated almost every week.
STOP-IT has more than 200 updates per year, it require a massive work by investigating & looking for new dangerous contents, those are then blacklisted in real-time.

STOP-IT was created By Leonardo Sedevcic for helping Homes, Schools & enterprises to avoid pornography & prevent their devices to be infected by malwares of all kind.
STOP-IT also prevent RANSOMWARES taking control of your browser, by blocking their malicious scripts & servers !

These perilous sites contaminate the inexperienced person device and become an hotspot for malware spreading.
The massive free pornography may get you contaminated by rogueware that attempts to fool you into believing that your PC is infected.
So you'll purchase their 'phony antivirus software' to remove their ransomware that locks up your device and just will open upon installment.

More than 300.000 Users use STOP-IT, they installed & tried it during years, updated massively, making this tool better every time !

STOP-IT is a fantastic tool, users have just to install it by doing one click, and the extension start working immediately in the background !
Today more users are asking for a password protection function, which prevent a new user to remove the extension installed by the owner,
it's going to be implemented in a near future, but it require a lot of time & money !

STOP-IT is developed by Leonardo Sedevcic & reviewed by Erosman ( Amo reviewer ) STOP-IT got some help from Wladimir Palant ( Adblock developer ),
the development of this extension tooks years to be developed; because of his important code evolution & massive updates !
If you want to give it a try go to the DOWNLOAD section & install the right version for your browser & take the time to do a review of STOP-IT extension !


STOP-IT is a project created by Leonardo Sedevcic started in 1998.

STOP-IT is an "extension" or "extension" who BLOCK access to illegal, dangerous & unwanted contents of all kind.
The most common web browsers today already include security features that help you stay safe online,
such as antivirus, firewalls & similar other tools, but STOP-IT goes far beyond by blocking millions of criminal contents in real-time.
The built-in browser tools can block annoying pop-ups, not track requests to websites, but they cannot stop malicious downloads or block websites
that can access your webcam or microphone.

STOP-IT masks your device when you are browsing and prevent ads servers by blocking targeted advertising, cookies & scripts.
Every time you close your browser, the search history & cache is removed, so nothing remains from the users for marketing agencies !

STOP-IT protect your device from advertisements, malware, scams, phishing attempts and trackers.
If you try to connect to a website that you know is dangerous, you can't access it when you are using STOP-IT, because it protects you in real-time.
If you do not have access to a website, you can disable it in your browser extensions menu.

Unwanted software websites are websites that try to trick you into installing programs that damage your browsing experience,
such as changing your home page or displaying additional ads on websites you visit.
STOP-IT has a Phishing and malware protection that works by checking the page you visit for reported phishing messages.
To report a dangerous content , fill the 'contact' form, STOP-IT investigate and take care of every finding & information provided by users.

If you work as a web developer or SEO do not use STOP-IT, because it BLOCK scripts & ads servers,
preventing those to run scripts, targeted ads, marketing & more ,only Google Analytics is allowed By STOP-IT !

STOP-IT also fight criminal networks by investigating & reporting to worldwide law enforcement agencies.
STOP-IT send periodically massive investigations & criminal networks contents to:


STOP-IT is banned from biased social platforms for telling the TRUTH: INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - DISCORD - YOUTUBE


We here at STOP-IT.BE would like to thank you for being a part of our community.
With the support of our friends and neighbors like you, we’ve been able to accomplish so much over the past year.

The Traffickinghub campaign founded by Laila Mickelwait has reached more than 1,800,000 signatures and still growing !
Massive arrest of huge pedophiles & satanic networks worldwide ( read the 'Reports' section ) !
More than 200 updates of STOP-IT between 2018-2019 !
More than +5000 people where informed of those criminal networks on Twitter, now they are spreading the truth !
The BATTLE continue against the porn industry & pedophiles networks everywhere, STOP-IT is becoming one of the best tool ever !
STOP-IT is going to be released for EDGE browser soon !

We’re happy to announce that we’re launching a new online 'subscription' initiative !

This 'subscription' campaign is raising funds for helping the development & paid ads, investigations require a lot of time, personal sacrifices,
and will be essential for us to continue our work into the coming years.

You can also do a DONATION by using the email: stop-it.be(@)hotmail.com.
The SUBSCRIPTION plan is ONLY 4€ per MONTH less than a cigaret packet !

Please consider a 'subscription' to help us kick off our initiative !

This subscription BOOST the importance of our work not ony for the STOP-IT extension but also,
the MASSIVE investigations against pedophiles & others criminal networks worldwide !


PayPal !


Please select your browser version above and click install after the redirection to the official browser extension page.
Installation of STOP-IT may require to be logged in your google 'gmail' account for Chrome browser, the STOP-IT extension is compatible with Android BUT Mozilla removed EVERY EXTENSION in the latest update !

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how to stay protected against adult contents !

Setting safe search on browsers is all well and good, but if you allow your younger child to have an Instagram or
a Facebook account you cannot filter the adult content within.
Instagram has very explicit pornography, drug culture, violence swearing and more.
You just need to know the right search terms to avoid adult contents in Instagram or you can also install the free extension STOP-IT.
STOP-IT is not just another blocker, it is a multipurpose tool that combines all necessary features for the best web experience.
It blocks ads, dangerous websites, scams of all kind & most important pornography !

What Can You Do with the STOP-IT extension ?

Content Filtering !

You don’t have to manually filter every inappropriate thing on the internet.
STOP-IT uses real-time scanning to keep tabs on new sites and block them at once if they seem suspicious.
STOP-IT prevent accessing all kind of dangerous or unwanted contents, and prevent malicious scripts to run when you are visiting a website !
Block Pornography Anonymity, easy access, and affordability have played notable roles in making internet pornography popular.
Many say that pornography is relatively less dangerous than other outlets of sexual experimentation.
More covert and obvious dangers of online pornography have fall apparent and online pornography addiction
has get an alarming concern for many people.

Today STOP-IT protect THOUSANDS of devices worldwide more than 300.000 actually !


Because STOP-IT is FREE & based on SUBSCRIPTIONS only !
Once STOP-IT installed your device is protected against everything dangerous from the web !

how do I block inappropriate images ?

Stop- it protects devices in realtime, checks scripts, url's, i.p, words and pictures as they are called up and stops contents from being shown.
If a website is not visible or blocked it means !!!(DANGER)!!!
Last month, when i launched the efficiency to block specific domains, i heard from users loud and clear:

Users want the skill to block adult websites in an easy away that puts you in control.
Today i propose you that ability.
Like everything else i do, i wanted this feature to be powerful and simple to use.
When a new user install STOP-IT, it has NOTHING to do, once the free extension is installed the device is already protected !


Just resembling drugs and other addictive substances, porn floods the brain with chemicals, like dopamine.
Over time, the imagination gets overwhelmed by the constant overload of chemicals and starts to build up a colony to pornography.
As a result, the porn they were looking at in the beginning doesn’t seem as exciting,
and many porn users go hunting for more porn or more hardcore porn.
Pornography addiction is REAL & EXTREMELLY destructive, how many people, couples, teens,
childrens where destroyed by their addiction to porn... !

Here's Why STOP-IT is the BEST Porn Blocking extension !

Every child deserves to be warned and armed against pornography and other sorts of inappropriate content on the internet.
Countless porn obstruction extensions & softwares are out there.
Let’s understand why STOP-IT is the best porn blocker extension.


STOP-IT is a project started in 1998 by Leonardo Seedevcic the owner & creator of STOP-IT !
In 1998 the pornography was already taking a massive place on the web, the most horrible contents where already spreading everywhere.
STOP-IT was developed during Years & RE-UPDATED, RESTARTED from scratch in 2010 !
Some exterior help was required for multiple tests & code updates making this extension secure for users !
In 2012 STOP-IT reached his maturity, with a massive work done on coding & preventing users accessing malicious & dangerous contents of all kind.

From 2015 to 2020 STOP-IT gained in recognition & has become a very important tool for users worldwide asking for more protection
& prevent users removing the installed extension !

An Software version of STOP-IT was created this PRO version PREVENT users to remove the extension once installed by the owner of the device !
To be effective, this extension should directly involve all Internet users.
Who need to be informed of the care to take and the resources to use in order to protect themselves
from being sent harmful or unwanted content.

"SPAM" has been an Internet buzzword since the dawn of email, but what is it, exactly ?
Basically, spam mail is a form of junk email, unwanted by the recipient.
It ordinarily is a single message which hold advertisements, scams, malwares and is sent to a variety of recipients who never agreed to receive such messages.
That's why STOP-IT hates spams & popups on website, they get blocked BEFORE the webpage is loaded,
preventing the user accessing a dangerous or unwanted content.

If you have those questions in your mind:

• how to Block Online Porn ?
• how do you block inappropriate websites ?
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• It's STOP-IT the best porn blocker ?
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The only EXCELLENT solution we have TODAY in 2020 is STOP-IT, once installed it block millions of dangerous contents worldwide in real-time, in ONE CLICK !

Today STOP-IT is gaining more users & visitors,
it's the proof this tool is becoming more important & a better tool for everyone !

Stay protected with STOP-IT.
STOP-IT is the BEST free porn blocking extension based on subscription only,
STOP-IT is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opéra, Brave, Vivaldi & soon Edge browser !


I Fight, hunt & investigate massive pedophiles & satanists networks worldwide !
I not only hunt & investigate pedophiles or satanist networks, i also investigate cases of online money laundering schemes,
prostitution networks, scammers networks, fake online pharmacy, drugs silkroads & illegal weapons stores on the Darkweb !

The 2020/06/21 at 13h13:

I FINALLY FOUND EVERY childporn & pedophile worldwide network on blogs,
Darknet, Torrents, Usenet, Newgroups, Websites, shared files, I.P, Forums !
I reported my full work, investigations to Worldwide Law Enforcement Agencies:

DOJ - NCA - EUROPOL - dyzyrnet.pl
netsafe.org.nz - surete.qc.ca - love146.org.uk
usdoj.gov - nca.x.gsi.gov.uk - stopitnow.org.uk
actionfraud.police.uk -
lucyfaithfull.org.uk - nbi.gov.ph -
west-midlands.pnn.police.uk - tpsb.ca -
torontopolice.on.ca - crimestoppersact.com.au -
ncmec.org - cybertip.org

I also sent my work to President of Russia's VLADIMIR PUTIN electronic reception office:

letter ID: 6842518 October 16-10-2019 00:15
letter ID: 7117988 March 24-03-2020 13:21
letter ID: 7190345 April 08-04-2020 19:37
letter ID: 7247956 April 23-04-2020 18:01
letter ID: 7298898 MAY 11.05.2020 15:57
letter ID: 7298898 May 18-05-2020 16:16
letter ID: 7409885 JUNE 06.06.2020 17:04
letter ID: 7424098 JUNE 11.06.2020 08:57

My work was rejected by: IWF - Iwf.org.uk ( REFUSED & rejected ) Wed 2020-04-29 14:20
After i exposed those networks, it resulted in my IMMEDIATE & COMPLETE BAN FROM TWITTER FOR LIFE !
I lost all my shared tweets, infos & my 5000 followers but the MASSIVE work i did in the shadows,
during more than 22 years of my life has started giving impressive results.

The arrested criminal networks match those i found & reported to the law enforcement agencies worldwide:

(LINK) Massive investigation in Italy combating online child sexual abuse !

(LINK) International collaboration leads to arrest of child sexual abuser in Italy !

(LINK) International police cooperation leads to the arrest of a dark web !

(LINK) 90 suspects identified in major online child sexual abuse operation !

(LINK) Dark web child abuse: Administrator of DarkScandals arrested in the Netherlands !

(LINK) 70 arrests in pan-European action against child trafficking !

(LINK) 11 arrested in child abuse network crackdown in Georgia !

(LINK) Over 2 million pieces of child abuse material seized in Spain !

(LINK) Alleged online child sex abuse network busted by Federal Police, 9 arrested and 14 children rescued !

(LINK) Four kids saved and 16 Australians arrested as police bust global pedophile ring !

(LINK) Germany investigates 30,000 suspects over paedophile network !

(LINK) Massive online pedophile ring busted by cops !

(LINK) Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests !

(LINK) Up to 450 paedophiles arrested a month in UK as internet drives ‘explosion’ of child sex abuse !

(LINK) French police arrest most-wanted 'darknet' paedophile suspect !

(LINK) Europol, FBI arrest nearly 900 in crackdown on global pedophile ring !

(LINK) Dozens arrested as France busts major child porn network !

(LINK) 388 arrested across Europe !

(LINK) Global child sex abuse network uncovered with ties to US !

Those are some little examples of what it's happening now, and soon it's going to be biblical !
The world is fighting the Evil himself, and we are fighting on every front, i shared all my proofs ( not the networks infos ) worldwide with my 5000 Twitter followers before i was banned, they can't hide & run anymore.

TODAY 2020/08/02 more than 5.000 people have shared my infos worldwide through social networks, now the world is going to know what those pedophiles & satanic networks are trying to hide,
they can no longer arrest millions of awake, angry people who denounce those criminal networks !
When i hunt, investigate pedophiles & satanic networks i don't need to watch the content, because i know what i'm doing !
Watching childpornography is extremelly horrible, shocking & pervert, when i investigate networks i don't need to watch the pictures or videos, because what is important,
is the html code himself who provide every info i need for my investigations & reports !
Each page "website", html code provide enough infos and more url's to investigate, in general every childporn site has between 200 & +1000 urls inside !
And each of those url's contains more url's inside to investigate each time, its exponential: 200² & 1000² !

IWF ( Internet Watch Fundation ) LIE TO PEOPLE, telling to everyone it's illegal to watch & search for those contents ( that's normal )...
BUT they do exactly the opposite, they watch childpornography "OFFICIALLY" all the time without having any problem !

HERE i show you some VIDEOS (adult contents) as a PROOF of my work, investigations on what is happening now !

(VIDEO) Me collaborating sending my Massive investigations of pedophiles & satanist networks with Europol !

(IMAGE) My massive work, investigations i sent during years to Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide !

(VIDEO) Here i show How TODAY 95% of search engines are FULL of pedophiles & child pornography everywhere, GOOGLE is the biggest childporn provider !

(VIDEO) Here i show How to access Deepweb & Darkweb without TOR, anyone can access to those criminal contents, do not buy anything there, watch & learn !

(VIDEO) Here i show how childpornography is present at 100% on universities servers in the USA, i asked them to clean their servers, some universities are still full of it & ignoring my warnings & proofs !

(VIDEO) Here i show how Pornhub is FULL of childporn & minors, rapes & teens extreme abuses of all kind, they tried to open a onion site but they got banned !

(VIDEO) Here i show how STEAM gaming platform is turning into an extreme porn platform with all kind of extremely pervert games, including rapes, torture, fetish, bdsm, zoophilia, etc !

I created a PDF who gives access to my FULL PROOFS, who show all my informations through screenshots i took when i was investigating, proofs of those pedophiles & satanic networks are expanding worldwide !
In 22 Years of Hunting & investigations of those pedophiles & satanic networks i got 200eur in donations... horrible, no one care about children's ?


WHAT WE GET FOR 1000eur ?


The PDF file contains ONLY PROOFS & SCREENSHOTS, no story, no big explanations, only REAL PROOFS with some details on my investigations !


It's TOO LATE for telling me to not expose those networks, i exposed them during years, i sent my work worldwide,
and now it's officially making a big change with EUROPOL & all the others law enforcement agencies working togheter !
Those arrested networks are just the beginning of bigger operations to come !


You can also follow STOP-IT on FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE - PARLER social platform !

Some videos of Stop-it investigations are on youtube, some videos where removed by Youtube the same day i uploaded the files.
BUT you can find the videos bly clicking the menu INVESTIGATIONS



If you see inappropriate contents or if you receive spams you can report those contents by email.

Stop-it investigate and take care of every finding & information provided by users.
Of course you stay completely anonymous.
Thanks for helping stop-it to become a better tool.

EMAIL : stop-it.be(@)hotmail.com


Pornhub, the world's largest and most popular porn site, has been repeatedly caught enabling, hosting, and profiting from videos of child rape,
sex trafficking, and other forms of non-consensual content exploiting women and minors.
We're calling for Pornhub to be shut down and its executives held accountable for these crimes.
The Traffickinghub campaign, founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry,
is a non-religious, non-partisan effort supported by activists from 192 countries and a broad spectrum of over 300 organizations.
In the last few months, there have been several shocking cases of sex trafficking and child rape films that were hosted on Pornhub.
A 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a year was finally found after her mother was tipped off that her daughter was being featured
in videos on the site — 58 such videos of her rape and sexual abuse were discovered on Pornhub.
Her trafficker, who was seen in the videos raping the child, was identified using surveillance footage of him at a 7-Eleven where he was spotted with his victim.
He is now facing a felony charge.