stop-it the best pornography blocker & parental control extension

Protect yourself, your family, your friends from adult contents, malwares & scams, hacks & threats with stop-it parental control app.

100% efficiency web protection against dangerous & unwanted content.
Real-time filtering: stop-it checks words and pictures as they are called up and stops a page with an unwanted text or picture from being shown.
stop-it users can browse the web safely.

More about stop-it


stop-it is a project created by Leonardo Sedevcic started in 1998.

stop-it is an "add-on" or "extension" who BLOCK access to illegal, dangerous & unwanted contents of all kind and makes your browsing experience safer, it's the best parental control software, adult content filtering, internet filter, scams & malwares blocker, pornography blocker, parental control app.

MORE THAN +301.000 Users have already installed stop-it.

With several thousand people using stop-it so far,it's become the most promising tool for homes, public places, schools & companies for protection against unethical sites and criminal attack.

stop-it help people with addictions to pornography, gambling & drugs by BLOCKING access to those unwanted contents, it has a safe search function who hide dangerous contents.


stop-it has no user functionality, once installed, users can enjoy a browsing experience without encountering any dangerous website.

This ensures users cannot have access to unwanted contents and provide protection and peace of mind for a safer browsing experience.

By installing stop-it, you also help the fight against the porn industry, prostitution networks, child abuses, child pornography distribution & production networks, human trafficking rings and many more.

Stop-t it "BLOCK" every revenue & ads systems linked to adult sites, and give no access to pornographic contents, it's the best parental control app, parental filtering on android devices & tablets.

Means a safer place for everyone, and a slow death for adults websites.

Stop-it blocks access to obscene contents of all kind.

It enforces Safe Search on Google, YouTube, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Ecosia.

My Stop-it extension also block phishing, spams & scams and malicious domains.

It's an excellent first layer of protection for your network.

Help the web to be a better place by installing the stop-it add-on.

How to block pornographic content ?

You can use the stop-it extension.
stop-it works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave browsers & Android devices with Firefox browser.
if you need to block access for your children's, familly & friends, install stop-it parental control app.

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stop-it extension is the best solution for you !

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Stop-it is also compatible with Android devices & tablets with the Firefox Browser !

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Stop-it investigate and take care of every finding & information provided by users.

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